Home Photo Instructions

Taking Photos at Home….

It is time to learn to be an at home dental assistant!

During the the time the office is closed due to the COVID pandemic there may be times when you need to send Dr. Markham photos. Here are some instructions:

Take Photos - use spoons retract your lips and cheeks as shown on the five (5) photos below.

For those with retainers, take one set of pictures wearing the retainer and one set without the retainers.

Text the photos and full name of patient to 215-806-1418.

Good luck!

Tips for Taking Photos

  • Have a family member take photos for you
  • Make sure the flash is turned ON
  • Try to ONLY include the teeth and mouth
  • Relax your lips – do not tense up
  • Most IMPORTANT – Keep your teeth together (for the photos that show the teeth together). Make sure you bite on the back teeth.







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